Hydrogen supplier employee killed in explosion at Ohio power plant

In the hustle of the Detroit Auto Show, I missed this sad bit of news that about the dangers of working in the energy industry, and might also tell us more about the potential dangers of hydrogen.
On Monday, January 8, an employee of General Hydrogen who was delivering hydrogen to American Electric Power's Muskingum River power plant in Ohio was killed in an explosion. The plant produces energy by burning coal and hydrogen is used to cool the generators. The 9:20 a.m. explosion happened outside of the plant walls, American Electric Power said. It is unknown exactly what exploded and caused the death and injuries. About a dozen people were taken to the hospital to have their non-life-threatening injuries attended to. Four of the plant's five energy producing units are still operational and one, Unit 5, is offline while officials investigate the explosion.

[Source: American Electric Power]

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