Audi Quattroflex, a high-tech, collapseable design concept vehicle

In a similar fashion to the Peugeot Moodif concept, I'm not sure what the relationship between Alexey Bykov's Audi Quattroflex design concept, and the Audi motor company is, but its an interesting idea either way. Like the Moodif, the Quattroflex embraces flexibility by allowing the wheelbase to be extended in order to carry large packages or shortened to allow for easy parking.

Originally posted to a Russian language website, the concept picked up the award for best use of technology at the prestigious Interior Motives Design Awards last year. Student Alexey Bykov's vision uses a joystick to control what is essentially a powered bed, running on wheel-mounted electric motors. Drawing inspiration from the design language of the Audi brand, the concept, which would look great in Blade Runner, would probably fail the curtain airbag safety test if it was ever considered for manufacture. Still, I love the wheels inside rims idea, the way you steer by tilting the front wheels, and the advanced materials that form up the seat.

As hot as this concept looks though, I think the best thing was the comment in Russian stating that the design 'RuLeZ'.

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[Source: Yanko Design]

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