Peugeot Moodif squeezy design concept

I'm not too sure of the actual relationship between Iliya Bridan's squeezy Moodif design concept, and the Peugeot motor company, but its an interesting idea either way. Perhaps Iliya chose to brand his creation as a Peugeot because they're more likely than anyone to make a vehicle with these looks?

While still well in the realms of computer generated models, the Moodif is said to be created and inspired with future technologies and benefits in mind. The main design element of this futuristic hornet-esque design is the central flexible, rubber-clad shaft that can be stretched or contracted by 88 centimeters / 34 inches to aid the driver in squeezing into tight parking spaces. This same mechanism also allows the front of the vehicle to swivel up to 18.5 degrees for more manoeuvrability.

Visually, the rear of the car is like one large rubber bumper with a fake exhaust pipe positioned in the centre emitting only water as this concept is apparently a hydrogen hybrid.

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[Source: Yanko Design via HybridCarNews]

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