It's no secret there are secrets in the automotive industry. Those of us who write about cars and deal with automakers are sometimes given embargoes - we get the information about a product or a new car, but we're not allowed to divulge that information until a certain time in the future. This sort of stuff happens all the time with new car models and the time before large car shows are especially embargo-heavy.

So, we're sitting on a few posts that we can't show you just yet (soon, soon), but I can tell you this: GM's new plug-in hybrid is called the Chevrolet Volt. Why can I say this already? Because the New York Times spilled the beans. They're keeping most of the information under wraps - as requested by GM - but the name is loose. The automakers realize that once one news source breaks the embargo, then others cannot be punished for following suit - this is an industry where getting the information out quickly is important after all - so we're in the clear for discussing the Chevy Volt now.

Here's what the Times says (the article is dated tomorrow, so "today" means Sunday):
Today, more than a century later, General Motors will unveil an electric concept car, the Chevrolet Volt, which has created the most buzz in advance of the show. G.M. says the Volt, a plug-in hybrid, could deliver the equivalent of 150 miles a gallon. The Volt thus promises - at least in theory, given that it could not be produced without a leap in battery technology - three times the mileage of a Toyota Prius."

Check back later tonight as all the embargoes lift and we can freely post about the Chevy Volt and other new models. Exciting times, no?

[Source: New York Times]

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