"Amazing" - the year that was, in biomass terms

2006 was a year that saw "amazing strides" in the biomass industry, says Jetta Wong, agriculture and energy policy analyst with the EESI's Agriculture and Renewable Energy program (why, with a name like that, could she not have been an auto industry analyst?). New laws to promote biofuels, more biofuel production capacity and an ever-growing appetite for biofuels in America were the highlights for 2006, and there's probably more ahead in 2007. That is, unless "big oil" can continue to put the screws down on biofuels, the way they did in California with Proposition 87.
Wong says that some of the more than 50 biomass-related bills were introduced, and some wanted to increase the national Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Wong calls this a "popular addition to legislation." I know that some would argue against that, but whatever. Other bills offered incentives for biofuel fueling stations, flex-fuel vehicles and more biomass-related tax incentives.

If you're at all into biofuels or biomass-related power, go read the whole thing. And get ready for a methane-corn stover-watermelon-filled 2007.

[Source: Renewable Energy Access]

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