A new flying car could be in your future. Queue Jetsons music...

OK, I wasn't really alive for the Curtiss Autoplane, the Waterman Aeromobile, or the Aerocar, but I can still not imagine a time when a flying car will really take off (pun intended. I know, not great but I do try). I know some have been built already, but they have never been popular. A company known as Volante Aircraft hopes to change that.

I don't know how "green" it is, as there are few details on the technology in use here. But, I imagine that there is some potential here, if it were ever to become a reality, that traffic congestion may be eased some. If anything on the vehicle were electric, say the system that powers the vehicle on the ground, that could be an emissions helper.

I ran through the Power Point presentation on his front page, and although he has many ideas and a working prototype, I would say it is very far from consumer ready - and he knows that. So, he is looking for help, and if anyone out there reading this wants to help out, here is the site where you can.

In conclusion, this is certainly a hybrid vehicle, just not the type we usually cover around here!


[Source: Volante Aircraft via autospies.com]

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