Engineuity process to produce hydrogen and steam on-the-fly

Companies touting on-the-fly hydrogen fuel production have been popping up all over the place recently. Just last month we reported on Hypower and Hy-Drive who have both been grabbing attention with the classic "car runs on water" line. Well, they're not alone because Israeli company Engineuity has also announced a system that can produce hydrogen inside a car, this time using common metals such as magnesium and aluminium. Perhaps, as Sam said earlier today, we need to put up an Alchemy Alert, but here's a bit more information on the process.

It makes a lot of sense of course to tackle the latent hydrogen fuel revolution for the angle of just-in-time production because transporting and storing hydrogen is hard. Really hard. Engineuity has suggested a method for producing a continuous flow of hydrogen and steam under full pressure inside a car. The system could then be used to power fuel cells with hydrogen, or a steam engine.

Engineuity's technology replaces the traditional gas tank in a car with a device called a Metal-Steam combustor that separates hydrogen out of heated water using a super heated metal coil. There is a solid waste product of the process in the form of a metal oxide which is envisaged to be collected at a fuel station for recycling.

[Source: Physorg via HybridCarNews]

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