Hy-Drive promises cars can run on water - India, China and others are buying

We never get far into a "cars can run on water" story before people fire up their negative comments and criticize the idea as absurd. Well, sure, it sounds odd and too good to be true, but what if I told you that a management consultant – a person who gets paid to give good ideas – thought it was a good enough idea to invest big in a company built on the idea and the technology to do it? Tom Brown is that person. He used to just be an investor in Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd., but he was so impressed with the company and the technology that he is now the president and CEO (I wonder what his hair is like?).

The Canadian company has "quietly developed its revolutionary technology into a product slowly being adopted around the world," according to this story in the Toronto Star. Hy-Drive has distribution contracts with organizations around the world to sell compact units – which create hydrogen gas from water and inject it into the engine to increase fuel efficiency by between nine and 40 percent. The units also make the hydrocarbon emissions drop 74 percent and particulate matter emissions drop 80 percent. The units are used in long-haul truck today, but Martinrea International Inc. may get them into cars soon.

Unfortunately, the original Toronto Star story lacks photos, so we can't see Brown or any of his technology. Or his hair. For that, we'll have to try the official company site.

[Source: San Grewal / Toronto Star]

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