Wisconsin begs to be discovered as an E85 state

Not to be left in the dust as Michigan and Minnesota (and the rest of the Midwest) go tearing down the ethanol road, Wisconsin is ready to promote the state as an E85-happy tourist destination in the next episode of " Discover Wisconsin." The show is a TV series that, well, you can figure out what it does. In the upcoming episode, to be broadcast Saturday and Sunday, DW heads to the fields and gas stations and to show how ethanol is a "win-win situation for everyone!" We'll see.
Ethanol is playing a big role in Wisconsin right now, no doubt. The state has over 50 stations selling E85, and farmers and politicians are obviously into the biofuel. The show's cameras got to visit a Chevy plant in the state to see what makes a vehicle E85-ready. If I lived in Wisconsin, I'd be most interested in seeing the "very special way that we at Discover Wisconsin are committed to the use of E85 fuel." My guess is the show staff uses a flexible fuel vehicle to get around, but it might be something actually exciting. Any residents want to clue us in after the weekend?

Click here for more information on the show, including a video clip.

[Source: Discover Wisconsin via Domestic Fuel]

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