Got a need for biofuel speed? Work on ethanol and biodiesel go-karts with Global Inheritance

The hip progressive activists at Global Inheritance are moving beyond the biodiesel RC circuit (click here and scroll down to June 6th, 2006 for more info) and are looking to make biodiesel and ethanol go-karts. GI's Eric Ritz wrote AutoblogGreen to say that they're looking for assistance with the ethanol versions (the biodiesel go-karts are "no problem for us." If there's anyone out there who wants to work with Global Inheritance on these alt-fuel funmobiles, leave a note in the comments and we'll put you in touch.
Global Inheritance has got some cool ideas to save the world, from Tour Rider (carpooling to concerts) to Instrumental Assistance (giving instruments to school children). Power to the people.

[Source: Global Inheritance]

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