UC Davis professor on his new electric motorcycle and solar panels

Rob Thayer recently had a 4 kilowatt solar array installed at his home, and decided to do something fun with a little of the electrical excess he now enjoys. So he bought an electric motorcycle from electricmotorsport.com. The bike is capable of 60 mph, and can travel 30 miles on a charge. The range and possibly speed could be enhanced with better batteries, as the bike as sold has 44Ah capacity from its lead acid type batteries. A switch to nickel metal hydride or lithium ion would be an improvement there. Current charge time is about 3.5 hours.

While Rob admits that the purchase was mainly for fun, he says, "It's transportation for both sides of the brain, it's fun. I've had some friends die recently, I decided I ought to do some things while I still can."

Rob is an example of one who someone who realizes that, while it's great to "go green", it is also good to do it with some style. He calls the GEM electric car a dull, unsightly atrocity.


[Source: The Davis Enterprise]

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