How does a Libertarian say "ethanol lobby"? Getting corned

Trevor Bothwell, writing at Lew Rockwell's Libertarian website, has had it up to here with the government trying to foist ethanol down our gas tanks. As we mentioned this summer, some boaters reported lots of problems when using E10, and Bothwell was one of them. He needed to get the carburetors repaired on his 2005 17-foot Boston Whaler with a 90-horsepower Mercury four-stroke outboard engine. While he admits this particular engine is especially ethanol-unfriendly, he still blames the government for forcing him to use the corn-based fuel at all.
Bothwell thinks the worst part of the government's push for ethanol is the mandates which "impose all sorts of costs on citizens" but he also doesn't like that "there is evidence suggesting that this ethanol push is more or less intended to be one big handout for American corn farmers, and, by extension, ethanol manufacturers."

I agree the government is a little too into ethanol for anyone's real benefit. I disagree with Bothwell and Rockwell that the state should be kept out of our vehicles entirely (can you say seat belts? How about unleaded gasoline?), but if ethanol is the problem, then should the free-market solution be to build better engines?

To get an idea of where writers on Rockwell's site come from, politically, here's how Lew's sites explains who he is: "an opponent of the central state, its wars and its socialism." The writers featured don't, of course, speak for him, but they are people he finds "important, or simply interesting."

[Source: via Free Market News Network]

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