Never underestimate the power of geeks is the lesson we learned from Autoblog's # 2 Most-Read Post of the Year, titled " Pics of Nissan Terranaut reveal vehicle perfect for Picard and his crew." The Terranaut is a forgettable concept CUV with obvious sci-fi overtones that was developed by Nissan of Europe early in 2006. Had the title not contained "Picard and his crew," this post would have been passed over by most. With the reference to Star Trek: The Next Generation in place, however, the post was submitted to the social news bookmarking site, where it stands, we believe, as our most dugg post ever with 2,252 diggs. It was even mentioned by Digg founder Kevin Rose and his co-host Alex Albrecht on the Diggnation Podcast. No doubt thousands of trekkies around the globe were introduced to Autoblog because of this post and what they thought might be a new whip for the Away Team, as it has been viewed 345,709 times since it was posted on February 15th. Had it not been for Picard and his crew, however, this Terranaut post would've boldly gone nowhere.

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