Autoblog's #4 Most-Read Post of the Year

We continue with our countdown of the top five most-read posts of the year on Autoblog with our #4 post. Who can forget the post titled '"Wash Me" taken to a new level - the Dust Art of Scott Wade"? Published back on June 29th, this post has since been viewed 253,500 times. We've seen it linked to on so many other websites and blogs we stopped counting. In fact, if you Google "Scott Wade", our post on this Peter Jackson look-a-like and his dust art is right near the top. If you do happen to forget what the big deal is about Mr. Wade and his dust art, click the Read below to revist the post and see why it's been so popular.

The list so far:
Autoblog's #5 Most-Read Post of the Year

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