Daryl Hannah upgrades her "Love Life" website

We haven't checked in with Daryl Hannah in a while, but Ecorazzi reminded me to check out her website, which was recently upgraded to version 2.0 (if the site loads slow enough, you can see a little message that says "Site 2.0 Yay! xo." Hannah's site is meant, in part, to promote Love Life, her weekly green culture and lifestyle video podcast. The KnowDummy section contains article and musings about green life.

When I went to check the new site out, I stuck around to watch the short, four-minute podcast episode (I don't like words like vlog or webisode, so we're sticking with podcast episode) about biodiesel. It's still cool to see someone lick their car's gas cap because it's clean and green. You can watch any of the episodes here. AutoblogGreen readers will also probably like the shows about bike culture and carbon neutrality.

[Source: DHLoveLive.com via Ecorazzi]

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