Off-road Land Rover coupe in the works?

The pic isn't anything official from Solihull, but it is reportedly based on reality. The fine fellows at Jalopnik found this little Rangie, which looks to be about the same size as the VW Tiguan. We're digging the exoskeleton look with bold Rover family cues like the large vents ahead of the doors. The three-door shape makes for an aggressive profile, though it creates some ingress and egress challenges on a small, tall vehicle. We're guessing that it won't be much of an issue for the targeted younger buyer. If you have a bum hip or are generally no longer very limber, you may want to try before you buy, that's all we're saying. Keep your eyes peeled for a concept soon to gauge public response to this coupey-looking light-duty ute. The go-ahead may come within the next couple of years, and the actual car would drop around 2013. We're not sure that CUVs will be the hot thing six years on, but if response is big, perhaps plans will accelerate.
[Source: Autocar via Jalopnik]

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