Lutz on CAFE; oh and Seasons Greetings too!

On what was to be his holiday greeting to the world, Mr. Lutz has decided that he had a little more than a kiss under the mistletoe on his mind to close out 2006.

In his blog, GM FastLane, Lutz clarifies his feelings regarding the recent initiatives to revise the current CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards. He comments that pursuing the idea to increase the CAFÉ in the US by 4% annually, forcing manufacturers to sell smaller and smaller vehicles, is like forcing the clothing manufacturers to only make clothes in small sizes to cure obesity. What really needs to happen is a step-up in the development of alternative fuel solutions to reduce our dependence on petroleum.

In conclusion, Lutz asks for the government to get more involved in the development of alternative fuels, as the Japanese government continues to fund these programs with millions of dollars and will continue to be at the forefront of these technologies unless attitudes change.

Read his' full post here.

[Source: GM FastLane]

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