Last minute gift guide for the ladies

Hi, ladies. You say you bought your man a some argyle socks for Christmas and you're worried he won't like them? Well, worry no longer. He won't. Unless they have cars on them, and then you're probably OK. Otherwise, we're here to help out. Here's our last-minute guide to buying gifts for Autoblog readers.

Oh, and if you're worried about what your guy got you for Christmas, send him to our gift guide for the men.

If you've already bought him an exact copy of his favorite plaid shirt, a new high-def TV and season tickets, but you need just one or two more things to round out the list here are some small-dollar ideas:
  1. PS2 - Way cheaper than the new game consoles out there, but its graphics are still pretty damn cool. Throw in Grand Turismo and make your favorite car nut joyful.
  2. Tools - If your guy is like us, he can never find the socket set, or 6" screwdriver or his tack hammer. Grab a bunch of assorted small tools at the discount store and put 'em in a cheap plastic tool box.
  3. Music - Does your man go on and on about his favorite songs from high school? Use iTunes to find the top 10 songs during his graduation year. You get bonus points if you throw in a few about cars, like, "Vehicle," "Pink Cadillac," "Stickshifts and Safetybelts" and "Six Days on the Road." You may need to buy two CDs' worth.

You got everyone else on your list covered, but you forgot to shop for him? Uh oh. Don't panic. You still have about 24 shopping hours til Christmas. Try these ideas:
  1. Satellite radio - Guys almost universally love gadgets. Being able to suck down music from outer space is just too cool. Being able to do it in the car is even better.
  2. Gift card - With men, these have the potential to go either way. Most guys don't like shopping, but when they do, they like to get what they want and go home. Buying a gift card at one of the big discount chains should be fine. He can get common car parts, car maintenance supplies and tools there. A hardware store or home improvement store is also OK. A gift card from Pottery Barn won't cut it.
  3. Petty Ride-Along - NASCAR doesn't appeal to everybody, not even to every guy. But going 160 mph is guaranteed to put a smile on the most austere of men. Through Dec. 31, Petty Driving Experience is offering $59 high-speed ride-alongs at select tracks. That's like $1.70 per mph over the legal speed limit. A deal!

If your man is a jeans and T-shirt kinda guy, that pink cashmere cardigan and turtle neck you got him ain't gonna cut it. Unless it has cars on it, of course. You're gonna have to try really hard to overcome that faux pas. You can, but you'll want to warn the bank first. This could get expensive.
  1. GPS - No, he does not like you telling him how or where to drive, but if it's coming from a high-tech gadget, directions are bearable. If you're lucky, there are still a few left out there.
  2. Cash - Your gift ideas were really naughty. Punish the credit card that bought them by withdrawing a few C-notes. Unlike most ladies, men are usually not offended by this gift. Instead the male recipient of cash is likely to happily spend it on electronic gadgets, beer, DVDs, beer, single malt whiskey and, um, beer. At least that's what we're thinking of buying with the $20 our grandmothers gave us.
  3. Driving experience - A mere ride-along, no matter how fast, will not make up for a pink sweater. Send the man you love (and we mean really love) to a driving course. Three days of track time should make up for that catastrophic cardigan. At this late date, take advantage of online signup and expect to have about $4,000 less in the bank afterward.

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