Last minute gift guide for the guys

At Christmas, even the most dedicated car nut needs to put aside mechanical obsessions and think of someone else. If you've waited until the last minute to shop for the lady in your life, or if you've bought something, um, less than ideal, we at Autoblog want to help.

Everything on our Christmas Eve buying guide after the jump can be bought in the few remaining hours before Christmas morning. Good luck!

Oh, and if you're worried about what your significant other got you for Christmas, send her to our gift guide for the ladies.

If the diamond and platinum necklace is wrapped, but the stocking is a little thin, stuff it with these:
  1. Burt's Bees products - Available at most drug stores, they range in price from $3 for lip balm to $50 for gift sets.
  2. Flowers - Most grocery stores and many discount retailers have passable floral departments. Pick up a bouquet for $9 and add some color to Christmas morning. Tip: Take them out of the plastic before presenting them.
  3. Music - Sit down at the computer, get over to iTunes, spend $10 to download her favorite songs. Or the songs that remind her of you. Or the "Beaches" soundtrack. Better yet, make a CD of music that reminds you of her. If you can't think of anything, just pick some random jazz or Kenny G.

If you read the intro and thought: "CRAP! It's Chrismas Eve already? What do I do?", here's what you do:
  1. Satellite radio - Even though it's somewhat geeky, you might get by with it. Especially if her commute is long, your area radio stations are lousy or if she's tired of you playing that Whitesnake CD over and over. You can get some SatRad units for less than $40 now. Sign her up for a year of service while you're at it.
  2. Candles - No, not those $2 votives. Spring for the $30 ones that are bigger than your head. Make sure to get something to sit it on, too. Don't want to be cleaning wax off the coffee table until March.
  3. Gift cards - Most stores open on Christmas Eve carry their own gift cards. Choose one from her favorite clothing store or cosmetics counter. Better yet, most of the discount stores carry gift cards from several different stores. Buy a selection of gift cards and let her go nuts.

If you already bought her the most expensive vacuum cleaner/blender/tires you could find, you have a lot to make up for. Try these:
  1. Airline tickets online - You've made Santa very sad. Time to atone for your Christmas sin. Pick somewhere sunny with lots of fruity drinks. If you still plan to give her that garden tiller/plunger/carpet cleaning kit, save some cash and make your ticket one way.
  2. Sephora eGift certificate - It doesn't matter if you don't know what they sell there. Unless you like the way brand new jumper cables feel wrapped around your privates, you should go for the biggest printable gift certificate they offer, $250.
  3. Cash - This is NOT an ideal gift, by the way. It's impersonal, unfeeling and looks lazy; probably the very reasons you're in this seriously last-minute predicament. ATMs are open all day today. Stuff several hundreds in an envelope and put a bow on it. Keep in mind those same ATMs will be open Christmas morning, too, in case you need to sweeten the pot.

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