New biodiesel blog wakes up behind the wheel

I described last night how users can turn AutoblogGreen into a biodiesel-specific blog (or, really, any green car topic that we have in our categories list), but if you're looking for another blog dedicated solely to the yellow biofuel, then check out this site by Propel Biodiesel. The blog also has one of the better names in the green car biz: Awake at the Wheel.

Awake at the Wheel is a pretty new site, and some days they don't have any posts, but I'm convinced that the more green car news/opinion that's out there, the better and it looks like Awake at the Wheel's content amount will grow soon.

Propel Biodiesel is part of Propel Biofuels, a "small company with a big mission" to build more biofuel pumps and educate people about biofuels. You can check them out here.

[Source: Awake At The Wheel]

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