Spy Shots: facelifted BMW 5-Series

While we're always keen to give you the latest sneak peek at upcoming models and revisions to existing ones, BMW's 5-Series carries a little more weight than most. The 5 has long been the benchmark sports-luxury sedan against which all others, from Cadillacs and Lexus to Audis and Alfas, are measured. It's like a new Porsche 911 coming out, only BMW's designers (love 'em or hate 'em) actually have some, you know... imagination. So it's with particular intrigue that we closely follow the developments in the Bavarian's mid-size sedan.

The facelifted 5-Series will get a new nose, complete with restyled headlights and a new front bumper with a revised air dam. Around back the rear bumper and skirt get smoothed out, while the interior gets some mild revisions including a new automatic shift lever. On the juiced-up side of the range, the M5 gets some visual enhancements of its own, predictably more aggressive than its steroid-less stable-mates.

The update is far from a major one, so if you weren't a fan of the styling before, this facelift is not about to change your mind. Just enough to keep us on our toes.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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