Does a hydrogen economy make sense? Ulf Bossel says no

Does a "hydrogen economy" make sense? Personally, I don't pretend to know enough about every aspect of the technology required to run all of our necessities on hydrogen, but Ulf Bossel, an expert on fuel cells, claims to know just that.

His answer: No, a hydrogen based economy does not make sense. He explains in this article that it takes too much energy to extract the hydrogen from natural compounds and use it to make it economically feasible. Bossel does predict that additional technology will come about to establish a hydrogen economy, but does not believe it will ever make economic sense to pursue.

Bossel instead points to what he calls an "electron economy." He suggests gathering electricity from renewable resources and figuring the best way to get it to the consumer. In closing, he points to a future where electricity is the dominant power source, electric cars are commonplace and a modernized electricity infrastructure exists. I know that not all of us are experts, but what do you think? Will this "electron economy" come about, and if so, how?


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