Is that a cannon in your Vespa or are you just happy to see me?

This scooter looks terribly exciting, till you learn that it needs Viagra. Sure, this Vespa Acma packs a badass barrel, but it was designed for transporting the cannons, not blasting other motorists. We wonder what the little 145cc engine would do when faced with the recoil, as well.

We'll admit that our French isn't what it once was, but the gist we took away from some research was that ACMA was a licensed assembler of Vespas in France and it was used by French Paratroopers in the late 1950s. The intimidation factor of puttering around on an "armed" Vespa would be fun. We're not sure how these looked on the battlefield though. We can't imagine that it'd be intimidating to see the troops roll in with olive drab Vespas. Even if they had a mortar barrel and shells on it, we think you'd surrender to laughter first. Apparently, though, these things were like the all-purpose little scooter that could. They even dropped them out of planes with parachutes. Still, it all smacks of something out of Monty Python to us, no matter how lethal. We also wonder if the riding posture is um, erect.

[Source: Hemmings]

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