EPA Report says diesel mileage better than sticker

In real-world driving conditions, diesel vehicles outperform the mileage numbers on their window stickers. So says the EPA in a lengthy report titled "YourMPG" released earlier this week. The Diesel Technology Forum poured over all the details and noted that diesels outperform the label by 4.3 percent. Mileage numbers on sales stickers have been under fire because they don't live up to real-world expectations. But in the limited U.S. diesel market, the performance matches the tests. Some diesel products with EPA mileage numbers include the VW Golf, Jeep Liberty and Mercedes-Benz E320cdi. Heavy-duty pickups in the 3/4- and 1-ton classes aren't required to post mileage numbers. This good news should help automakers market the new diesels planned for U.S. consumers.

[Source: Diesel Technology Forum]

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