Audi R10 racer to attack LeMans on biodesiel

Audi, which has been winning races with their diesel powered R10 race car, has decided to attempt the next Le Mans race on biodiesel. Audi and VW are hoping that their racing successes will transition to additional knowledge on biofuel vehicles to be produced for public consumption.

The biofuel that they will be using is not exactly the same as the biodiesel that many home consumers are using, which in many cases is simply slightly refined restaurant grease. Audi is teaming up with Shell, a sponsor of the group creating the biomass-derived fuel, and team sponsor of Audi's racing efforts. The fuel is apparently a synthetic derivative of oils found in various plant life.

With Audi's recent successes with running diesel in the R10, and with competition coming soon from other manufacturers running diesel engines in their race vehicles it should be interesting to see how this pans out. Stay tuned!


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