GM exec: From selling Pontiacs to selling pizzas

Bob Kraut has been marketing GM vehicles to the masses for 11 years now. Hired in 1995, Kraut was one of the first brand managers GM hired to spearhead its new philosophy of selling cars. If since that year you bought any GMC truck or Pontiac vehicle, Mr. Kraut is the one to blame for whatever irresistible slogan lured you down to the dealership. He was also the marketing director for the revived GTO, and his latest bit of brilliance was the "Then and Now" campaign that attempts to connect GM vehicles of today with GM vehicles of the company's glory days.

Well, Mr. Kraut has decided that selling American cars is no longer his thing and is moving on to sell Italian food. At least Italian-American food. Kraut is now Pizza Hut's vice president of marketing. Pizzas are round, wheels are round. Cars have options, pizzas have toppings. Hmm. No doubt Mr. Kraut can pull this move off with no problem. For us, not so easy. Let's just say we've tried substituting 10W-40 for olive oil in the dough-making process. The results would be much more difficult to sell than even the Aztek. Good luck!

By the way, no word yet on Kraut's replacement.

[Source: AdAge (subscription required), Photo:]

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