RR of the Day: Volvo 854 T5R - Super Swede

We admit it's a little unfair to feature a car as RR of the Day that's owned and was built by a tuning shop, but frankly we were so impressed with this 1995 Volvo 855 T5R built by RKAutotechnik in California that we just had to show you. The car you see here is one of only 180 yellow sedans imported into the U.S. that 1994, but believe us, that's not what makes it special. For us, the fact that this Swedish super sedan generates over 400 wheel horsepower is a much more significant stat than its color. The inline five-cylinder motor features mods too numerous to mention, but at the heart of it all is a Garrett GT3071R turbo pressurized to 18 psi and running on pump gas. Living in the strict state of Cali, the folks at RKAutotechnik even made sure the motor would pass emmissions, which means leaving the catalytic converter in place. In fact, the one princiiple guiding the build was that the car remain a daily driver, although from the videos included after the jump it's clear that you'll hear this daily driver coming from a mile away. In addition to the monster motor, upgrades were also made to Brembo brakes, a fully adjustable suspension, 18-inch Volvo Pegasus wheels, and some more impressive audio pieces from Kenwood and JL Audio.

You can check out the Volvo's full list of mods here, photo galleries here, and be sure to follow the jump to find videos of the car being driven, on the dyno and out having fun doing burnouts.

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