UK biofuel support from the Chancellor praised by Saab

The United Kingdom doesn't have the potential to grow crops for domestic production of a huge amount of biofuels, but that isn't stopping Great Britain's Chancellor from encouraging biofuel use. The Chancellor announced earlier this year that Britain has entered into a partnership agreement with three countries (Brazil, Mozambique and South Africa) to develop biofuels, but those biofuels are intended for use in southern Africa, not the UK.

Saab Great Britain, with its two E85-ready BioPower models, had asked the UK Government in the middle of November to give more support to domestic biofuel production, and said today it welcomes the chancellor's support of biofuels. The support comes in the form of a standing 20 pence per liter fuel duty rebate on biofuels and a possible increase in tax discounts for company cars that use high-blend biofuels.

Jonathan Nash, Managing Director of Saab Great Britain said that company car drivers make up about half of the light vehicle traffic on UK roads, so this discount could have a large impact.

[Source: Saab Great Britain]

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