Saab 2.3t BioFuel engine on sale Monday, Saab asks UK for biofuel boost

It's not cheap, the new Saab 2.3t BioPower, but it is cool. Maybe that's why Sir Richard Branson likes his so much. Branson's been tooling around with his BioPower Saab for a few days now, and the general public in Britain can enjoy Saab's newest low-CO2 emissions ride on Monday, when vehicles with the 2.3t BioPower engine go on sale in the UK. Sure, AutoblogGreen cares about the 70 percent decrease in CO2 emissions, but we don't ignore that the BioPower produces 14 percent more maximum power and 11 percent more torque when burning E85 versus gasoline (Saab didn't offer specifics on E85's lower mileage numbers, but we're not ignoring the idea of them either). Using E85 also decreases the vehicle's zero-to-62 mph from 8.5 seconds with gasoline to 7.9 seconds.

The lowest-priced Saab with the 2.3t BioPower engine (the manual transmission 9-5 Saloon Linear 2.3t BioPower) costs £23,270. I'm pretty sure even this low-end version doesn't come with Saab BioPower stickers all over it.

To coincide with the release of the 2.3t, Saab asked the UK Government on Wednesday to further support domestic biofuel production. As I wrote yesterday, the UK's biofuel industry is growing. Saab Great Britain Limited managing director Jonathon Nash said all of the work done to improve the UK biofuel industry recently is now paying off with ethanol production, E85-capable cars, and E85 pumps now starting to be more regular in the UK. Still, Nash said the government has, "done little to encourage the public into driving cars that can run on eco-friendly fuel sources. [snip] A mere £10 reduction in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and a 20 pence per liter tax rebate on biofuels is not enough to stimulate this new market" and needs to support the biofuel industry more.

[Source: Saab]

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