RR of the Day - 1986 Mustang SVO

Kicking off our forced-induction week with a tweeeeeee is Flickr member McTaylor's low-miles 1986 Mustang SVO. At least three of us Autobloggers are in love with this car. McTaylor prefers to keep his daily driver looking fairly understated, with only the really cool 2.3 fender badges giving a little bit away. Even then, it's only those in the know that will even pay attention to such details. As it is a daily driver, the mods aren't too wild. The boost has been pumped up to 18 psi by means of a manual boost control valve tricking the wastegate a bit. Premium is a must with that much boost, but we're betting it's a real hoot in the colder weather now gripping the nation (if it's not planted in a snowbank). The rest of the drivetrain remains stock, from the clutch, through the notchy goodness of a T5 to the Traction-Lok rearend. Factory alloys made of Unobtanium have been swapped out for a set of custom-drilled Kosei K1R's wrapped in BFG rubber.

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'86 was the last year for the SVO, and put down a healthy 205 horsepower. With the upped boost, McTaylor's car is definitely playing in the '88-94 5.0 sandbox with respect to speed. Of course, power delivery is a bit different, but the slightly soft bottom end torque of the turbo 2.3 will help you stick the launch - as every knucklehead knows, it's real easy to boil the meats off a 5.0. The SVO came equipped with a raft of excellent upgrades, some of which didn't return until the '93 SVT Cobra (nifty taillights included). Supporting this understated and unique Fox Mustang were 4-wheel disk brakes, adjustable Koni damping, and SVO 16" rims with Goodyear Gatorback rolling stock. Heavy-duty equipment for a tarted-up Fairmont in the mid-80's. Inside were special sport seats, a Hurst shifter with a shorter throw for '86, a pedal cluster that better facilitated "heel and toe" driving, leather on the steering wheel, shift knob and parking brake lever, as well as premium sound and power windows and locks. These cars were the most balanced Fox platform car ever in terms of performance, comfort and luxury. When the euro-contender SVOs were pushed aside for the brute force approach successfully employed by the later 5.0 Mustangs, we all shed a collective tear. Fast, efficient, sharp handling, and darn it, the exterior tweaks look as good today as they did back in the days you could still catch Cruel Summer on the radio dial. Next up for McTaylor's classy burgundy pony are more engine-room mods to extract more beans from the Pinto-derived engine, suspension tweaks and a little attention to the tranny and clutch to make sure all the spinny bits stay put, and the power gets to the ground.

More pics and mods list below:

1986 Mustang SVO

  • 35% Window Tint
  • JVC MP3 headunit w/ iPod Interface
  • Blaupunkt speakers wired to factory locations

  • Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Subframe Connectors
  • Kenny Brown 4-pt Front Strut Tower Brace
  • Kenny Brown 3-pt Rear Strut Tower Brace
  • Kosei K1 Racing Wheels (16x7, custom center bore)
  • BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KDW (225/50ZR16)

  • Gillis Manual Boost Controller
  • Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
  • MSD Coil
  • Motorcraft Plug Wires
  • K&N Cone Filter
  • Optima Yellow Top Battery
  • 2.5" Dual Exhaust w/ Hi Flow Cat
  • Driveshaft Loop

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