Dealer cash flowing from DCX

Up from the prior offer of $400 in dealer cash to reduce its massive inventory of 2006 models, beginning today DCX is now offering its 3,400 US dealers cash incentives of $2500 to $7000 on every 2006 model sold.

These numbers really give dealers an incentive to take the remaining 2006 inventory from the sales bank. The dealer cash can be applied in any way the dealer deems necessary to any 2006 model, which means models that were previously excluded, such as the SRT models are now part of the potential discount frenzy. One dealer stated that with incentives like these, he would sell every '06 model he has in 30 days or less, and might consider taking some more.

These unprecedented incentives are applicable to the nearly 164,000 remaining 2006 models in inventory and will total nearly $500 million dollars. This is in addition to the $1000 coupons sent to 3.4 million consumers in a direct-mail campaign that also includes some '07 models. They will also adjust lease rates in leasing markets to help finish strong in '06.

[Source: Detroit News]

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