These cufflinks are SO fast: Surrender your wallets to the Maserati Collection

Just in time for Christmas, Maserati is unveiling its new line of branded swag, the Maserati Collection, at the Bologna Motor Show next week. In doing so, they join other premium marques like Ferrari and Bentley (plus many other less exclusive brands like Ford, Jeep, etc.) in exploiting people's desires for logo gear. Hey, if they can't afford a new GrandSport, maybe they'll still be willing to shell out 200 bucks on an Alcantara shoulder bag, right?

The collection is broken up into six distinct product lines: Pure, Executive, Liesure, Gift, Passion and MC.

The Executive collection is home to products like travel bags, briefcases, pens and the Trident-logo cufflinks (£70) you see above. They're silver with carbon fiber accents. The partial carbon fiber construction keeps weight down, lessening the wearer's required effort when making the "Waiter, I'll take the check now, please" hand gesture.

We've got a few more examples from the collection after the jump. Let's have a look...

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Ahhh, yes. The Gift range has answered the call for Trident-embossed aluminum dice (£33). Because you never know when you and your Hot Model Girlfriend are going to want to park the Quattroporte and join the locals' Threes game. Maybe you better buy three sets, come to think of it. Then you can start your own game. Ante up and shoot the moon, baby.

The Pure range offers this "Exclusive" polo with the Maserati logo on the cuffs. £65 breaks down the barriers of exclusivity. For many buyers , the cuffs should probably read "(I don't own a) Maserati."

From the Passion range, this Nikko R/C MC12 racer is the closest 99% of the universe will ever get to driving one of the track missiles. The £48 price is far more manageable than that of an actual MC12.

From the MC range. No Alcantara seats were harmed in the creation of this shoulder bag. £105 gets you the MC-branded man-purse..

You knew there had to be one of these. It's £18, and if the golf bag it's attached to doesn't go onto the boot of at least a Biturbo at the end of 18 holes, you sir, are a poseur!

If any of these strike you as must-haves, head over to with your credit card at the ready.


Elegant and comfortable sportswear, luxury items and motoring memorabilia: these are the new, exclusive products from the Maserati Collection that the Trident company will unveil at the Bologna Motorshow from December 7th to the 17th.

The new collection is divided into six lines: Pure, Executive, Leisure, Gift, Passion and MC.

The Pure Line includes T-Shirts with the unmistakeable Maserati grille, jackets, gilets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, pullovers, scarves, elegant ties and leather driving gloves.

Frequent travellers can find anything they need among the items in the Executive range: from travel bags, to elegant briefcases. Also in this range are pens, wallets and exclusive cufflinks in silver with carbon-fibre details.

Maserati has also thought about relaxing moments, creating the Leisure line, which features bathrobes, bathing-suits with matching beach towels, as well as shopping bags.

Within the Gift range one can find anything for the perfect present. They include aluminium dice, pencils, paperweights, as well as a set of coffee and tea cups.

The Passion collection is where Maserati scale models of the current range, as well as classic cars from the past, can be found. Radio-controlled vehicles, like the racing version of the MC12, are also part of this range. Coffee-table books and posters are also available.

And last but not least the MC (Maserati Corse) range, with the sportier look. Here one can find sweaters, keyrings, sweatshirts and bags that relive the emotion of racetracks around the world. Since its establishment, competition has been part of the Trident's DNA. Maserati's successful comeback to international motor-racing culminated this year with several triumphs for the MC12s in the FIA GT, which allowed drivers Andrea Bertolini and Michael Bartels to conquer the Drivers' Championship title.

All the products from the Maserati Collection are available through the Maserati dealer network and soon on a specially designed e-commerce site. For further information, please visit

To locate your nearest dealer please log onto or call 0800 0646468.

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