BMW launching diesels in US market in 2008

BMW has been selling diesel engined cars in the European market for twenty-three years, while the US market has only been getting gas engines (except for the brief availability of a 5-series diesel in the mid-1980s). Two-thirds of their sales in Europe now are diesels and in 2008 they will be coming here. BMW diesels offered in the US market will be fifty-state legal, conforming to all the new Bin5 requirements. The new diesels will continue to maintain BMW's performance reputation, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption. Although BMW has recently said they are not going to be using the BlueTec brand-name for their diesels, it's still expected they will be using this technology. For now they're not revealing which models will get diesel options, but pretty much every BMW has a diesel available in Europe. Click Read to see the full BMW press release.
[Source: BMW]

Los Angeles - November 28, 2006... With the launch of its performance-oriented and efficient Diesel engines in the United States scheduled for 2008, the BMW Group announces another step in its strategy for profitable and sustainable growth.
The engines which are known in Europe for their unique synthesis of dynamic performance and low fuel consumption will be made available for the US, the strongest-performing single BMW market.

For the BMW Group, the offer of Diesel vehicles in the US is a long-term oriented sustainable commitment. Therefore, an enhanced concept for minimum exhaust gas emissions has been developed for this engine to meet the strict emission standards in effect in California and other states. This makes it possible to simultaneously introduce these new cleaner Advanced Diesels as so-called 50 States (Bin5) models. All potential BMW customers across the US can choose an efficient and future-oriented technology with minimum environmental impact.

While the BMW Group has been offering Diesel vehicles in Europe since 1983 and 67% of the BMW sales there are Diesel models today, the acceptance of this type of engine has been increasing among potential vehicle customers in the US market.

As in Europe, the BMW Advanced Diesels will establish themselves as the sporty, clean and efficient choice in the US, and will further contribute to the unique reputation they have earned among independent experts.

The jury of the prestigious Engine of the Year Award has already granted this award to the BMW Diesel engines several times, particularly emphasizing their unequaled harmony of dynamic performance, innovative technology, surprisingly low fuel consumption and the smoothness which is so untypical of a Diesel.

The Diesel models for the US are an integral part of the EfficientDynamics corporate strategy which integrates a combination of short-term, mid-term and long-term measures for the continued reduction of fuel consumption and emissions while at the same time enhancing the performance and driving characteristics which are such a hallmark of BMW. For instance, through measures like the introduction of the fully variable valve control VALVETRONIC in 2001, BMW has achieved a greater improvement in fleet average fuel consumption than any other brand on the US market. In the long term, the BMW Group favors hydrogen as a sustainable source of energy.

The type designations and specifications of the BMW Diesel vehicles for the US will be announced at a later point in time.

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