Land Rover designer quits, says no more

Geoff Upex worked with Land Rover for 23 years to help create and re-create the company's iconic boxy Range Rover line and in August, he relinquished the helm to Gerry McGovern. This week, Upex took his retirement on step further, saying that after his last day on Dec. 25, never again will he design another car. Not for Land Rover, not for Ford. Not for any automaker ever again.

It seems a tragedy that someone would completely give up something they devoted so much of their life to. We encourage Mr. Upex to continue creating stylish, attractive automobiles. If not for Land Rover, then maybe help a young, headstrong automaker in need of your sense of elegant restraint.

One charity case we think greatly deserving of your help, Mr. Upex (and we think we have a lot of support on this), is our style-challenged, hyper creative (and apparently nausea immune) Chinese friends at DongFeng. Please, Mr. Upex, for the sake of humanity, at least introduce DongFeng's designers to modern eraser technology. Please?

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