Beijing Auto Show: DongFeng D120

Chinese carmaker DongFeng introduced its D120 sports car at the Beijing show Saturday. The two-door apparently was created by mating a Solstice with a streeted-up Tiburon and has a 137-hp, 2.4-liter engine. The rear wing's height is adjustable, apparently by way of an old-fashioned bellows-type device, or else the D120 has a built in accordian underneath its rear hatch. That's the most we can say with much confidence. The Autoblog Chinese post, translated by Google, is somewhat hard to understand. Here's an example of some of its description after translation. Feel free to help us make sense of it...

"Safety, equipped with SRS airbag, a double-door antitrapping tightening belts and electric windows; Comfort. CD system with eight-inch LCD super, and after stretching, swinging around from top to bottom; cars are also equipped with the tail depends on probe Ergonomics with leather chairs, prudent elegance; top electric car with a sunroof and adjustable shading plate antitrapping Spoiler body and tail support ring smoother transition."

Not so sure we want our next car to have "probe Ergonomics."

More photos after the jump.

[Source: Hazik at China Car Forums and Autoblog China]


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