Fast? Ja. Stylish? Ja. - Heico Sportiv to unveil 5 Volvo models at Essen

Heico Sportiv has unveiled their latest Volvo upgrades just prior to the Essen Motorshow with nary a chrome rim in sight. Heico covers the entire Volvo range, from C30 to a butching-up of the XC90 ute and finishing at the top of the range with a beautifully executed toning of the C70s lines. They've deftly modified the C30, creating the Heico HS3 D5 with a juiced diesel powertrain and upgrades to the chassis, interior and styling. The THOR_2 is a two wheel drive version of the Heico HS3 THOR that attended SEMA. When not attending auto shows, they've been out winning races in their HS4 ODIN, based on the S40 sedan, so they've got the underhood chops to back up the great job they did making these already stylish cars stand out.

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[Source: Heico Sportiv via Swedespeed]



HEICO SPORTIV, the internationally recognized Volvo tuner, presents its Volvo creations prior to the official market introduction. German premier at the Essen Motorshow. The Essen Motorshow (30th November - 10th December 2006) is the highlight of the European tuning industry and the most important exhibition event for HEICO SPORTIV. This is a good reason to come with 5 cars and to have a solid impact.

First at HEICO SPORTIV. The new C30.
The top attraction is the HEICO HS3 D5, based on the new Volvo C30. This compact sports car is presented in hall 3 (stand 124) at the Continental Tire booth, and features a stunning body kit with front and rear bumper spoilers, side skirts, and fender flares. Fully filled wheel openings feature 8.5x20" VOLUTION® V. wheels in HEICO's new "Titan" paint finish. The extensive program for the C30 also includes a height-adjustable suspension kit, 4-tip stainless steel exhaust, 4-piston sports brake kit, and a series of interior accessories, including a pedal set, foot rest, hand-brake lever, and door pins, all in aluminum. Even more luxurious: seats and door panels in high-quality two-tone hides.

Beyond the comforts of life, the HS3 D5 has power! The 5-cylinder diesel produces 400 Nm (stock 350 Nm) and produces 205 hp instead 180 hp in stock form. That's enough for 0-100 km/h acceleration runs in 7,9 sec. and a maximum speed close to 230 km/h. All HEICO SPORTIV products for the Volvo C30 will be commercially available starting in 2007.

From SEMA to Essen. The HEICO HS3 THOR.
One of the stars at this years SEMA Show in Las Vegas (early November): the all-wheel-drive life-style creation, the C30-based HEICO HS3 THOR.

"THOR_2", built especially for the Essen Motorshow, will be presented for the first time to a German audience and will be exhibited in the lobby of hall 1. Except for the all-wheel-drive system, this C30 T5 has all of the features of it's U.S. brother: body-kit in "XC off-road look", 30mm raised suspension, VOLUTION ® X. "Titan" paint 8x18" wheels, and custom made TOYO TIRES R888 semi-slicks featuring the HEICO SPORTIV 'helmet" logo. Part of the SEMA-car's success was the ambitious seven-stage paint scheme in camouflage style. With THOR_2" HEICO SPORTIV presents a new interpretation of the "HEICO Ice" camo look.

For a strong drive a modified 2,5 litre 5-cylinder engine with 250 hp (220 hp stock) and 360 Nm torque (320 Nm stock) is installed. In addition to this engine type, HEICO SPORTIV already offers ECU-upgrades for the 2.0D and D5 diesel engines. Of course, these are offered including 36 month warranty and including §19 certifications (country specific).

The Volvo C30 will enter the German market at the beginning of 2007. There are 5 gasoline engines (100-220 hp) and 3 Common-Rail turbo diesels (109-180 hp) available. Volvos sales targets worldwide for this compact model are 65.000 units per year.

Sharply Dressed. The new Volvo XC90.
For the 2007 model year XC90, HEICO presents the all new styling of the HEICO HS9 V8. A new body facelift created a lot of work for the HEICO SPORTIV design department this year. The result: a stunning new body-kit for the XC90. The body-kit is produced in strong, flexible PU-RIM and accentuates the best selling XC90 style perfectly. The front skirt is a three-piece construction and includes fog lamps. The fogs can be upgraded to the HEICO cornering light kit.

As part of the three-piece rear skirt, the middle diffuser panel is also available separately and serves to accommodate the twin-outlet exhaust. Between the exhaust tips is an attractive mesh grill accent. In addition to the new bodywork, the HS9 has an athletic stance, with VOLUTION® V. 8,5x20" wheels, full suspension kit, front sport grill, dual sport exhaust (with special front resonator for the V8), as well as a series of interior accessories.

Individual and fast. The Volvo C70.
For sun worshipers, the HEICO HS7 is based on the new Volvo C70 with its folding metal top. But the convertible-coupe has additional talents: speed, sound, and sex-appeal.

The charisma of the well-penned chassis is accentuated by high-quality HEICO design elements in PU-RIM material. At the nose, two front spoiler flaps split the wind (incl. fog lamps, optional cornering light function). At the rear, 4 round stainless steel end exhaust tips frame a striking, sporty rear diffuser. Sound is included! Special improvements are possible when adding the optional sound pipe, along with downpipe with racing catalytic converter.

250 hp and 360 Nm torque serve as appropriate propulsion, and the 4-piston sport brake for safe deceleration. On top of this, the technicians from HEICO SPORTIV have developed a special setup for the C70 suspension kit, with great importance placed on maintaining similar driveability whether driving top up or top down.

Best of its class. The HEICO HS4 ODIN.
A concept car one year ago, but since then a successful race-car. The HEICO HS4 ODIN - based on Volvo S40 - is exhibited in hall 2 on the TOYO TIRES booth. After a debut-victory in the 4h-long distance race on May 20th, 2006, a follow-up win in class at the 24h race at Nürburgring in June. Along with solid results a S60 within the past few years, ODIN's win was only the fourth ever for a Volvo in the history of this racing classic. Drivers of the HS4 ODIN are HEICO-employees Patrick Brenndoerfer, Frank Eickholt, and Martin Müller. The car runs TOYO TIRES prototype slicks.

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