Another Enzo bites the dust. Billionaire Russian politician critically injured.

UPDATE: has more info. As was the case in the Stefan Erickson crash, Kerimov's Enzo also split in two, keeping the passenger compartment intact. According to Kommersant, the female passenger was not severely injured. (Thanks to commenter Chris for the link.)

Yesterday, Suleiman Kerimov a billionaire Russian State Duma Deputy, crashed his black Ferrari Enzo into a tree in Nice, on the French Riviera. The car subsequently caught fire, severely burning Kerimov. His passenger, an unidentified female companion, was also injured in the crash but the extent of her injuries was not reported. Kerimov is currently hospitalized in Marseilles, where he was airlifted to after medical personnel in Nice stabilized him.

Hospital officials are not commenting on Kerimov's chances for survival. The politician is a member of Russia's Liberal Democratic Party and is said to be worth over 7 billion dollars. This is the latest in a series of Ferrari Enzo wrecks over the last year, the most high-profile of which was Stefan Erickson's crash in Malibu this past February which his car split in half.

[Sources: Bloomberg via The Moscow Times, ITAR-TASS]

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