T-Top Enzo destroyed in high-speed crash


Remember the T-Top Ferrari Enzo owned by Richard Losee we featured awhile back? In a recent issue of Road and Track we read a piece penned by Losee himself describing how he cracked 200 mph in his ultra-rare Enzo. That was probably one of the last high-speed runs the Enzo experienced, as we've learned that Losee crashed his Enzo yesterday during the Utah Fast Pass Road Rally near Milfor, Utah. The accident occurred while Losee was traveling about 100 mph, and while the Enzo is completely destroyed, Losee appears to have suffered only fractured bones.

The Utah Fast Pass Road Rally involves the Utah Highway Patrol shutting down a 15-mile stretch of State Route 257 so 25 to 30 supercars can drop the hammer. Car owners pay $5,000 for the privelage of opening their cars up on public roads, and the money goes to the Honoring Heroes Foundation that supports families of UHP troopers who have fallen in the line of duty.

With Ferrari having limited the Enzo's production to only about 400 units, we've seen at least three destroyed in high speed crashes ( 1st, 2nd) and another one used turned into a P4/5. If you're in the market, get your Enzo now cause they're going fast.

Ferrari forums across the internet are gushing with well wishes for Richard Losee and condolences for his lost Enzo. Ferrerchat forum member omgjon related this report after speaking with Losee himself. Turns out he was going closer to 200 mph and the car actually rolled seven times.

From the horses mouth - Richard was going close to 200mph, and hit a bump in the road that sent him airborne. The car rolled 7 times and was flat as a pancake. Fortunetly he was wearing a helmet. He has cracked vertebrae in his neck and back, 4 broken ribs, broken sternum, some broken fingers, and the only surgery he made need is on his thumb. Nothing life threatening. He is refusing pain medication because he thinks he needs to be punished!

[Source: KSL.com, The Salt Lake Tribune]

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