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Eriksson pleads guilty to drunk driving, but that's it

After turning down a plea deal that would have resulted in his serving just 28 months in jail, Bo Stefan Eriksson pleaded no contest in L.A. Superior Court today. The charge he was addressing however, was not grand theft, embezzlement or the firearms possession charges he still faces, but rather the drunk driving charge that was part of the list of offenses he was cited for after his Malibu crash of a Ferrari Enzo. "We want to fight the battle where the battle is. It makes no sense to chase windmills and waste the jury's time and the court's time," said attorney James Parkman.
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Patricia M. Schnegg will sentence Eriksson for the drunk driving offense at the conclusion of his trial, which begins next week. Bo Stefan Eriksson, in case you've been under a rock, is the man who allegedly split an Enzo in half while taking it for an early morning top speed run down PCH in February. Because of Eriksson's (nine!) criminal convictions in Sweden for forgery, counterfeiting, narcotics and firearms offenses, he cannot legally possess a gun, which is why he also faces a weapons charge for a handgun that police found at his Bel-Air house.

[Source: L.A. Times]

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