Say it ain't Seoul! Another Enzo meets its maker

Well, the Ferrari Enzo continues to appreciate in value, and not only due to it's limited production and hyper-exoticness. Some Enzos fall victim to their Schuey-wannabe owners, who learn too late that owning an Enzo and having the skills required to handle one are two very different things.

Today's case in point: the poor, forlorn Enzo pictured above. According to the Swedish blog Bilfeber, this Enzo met its maker outside the Seoul, Korea airport. It's another testament to the Enzo's ability to take damage yet protect its occupants, as the driver walked away with no serious physical injuries. The "I'm such an ass!" feeling he or she is surely experiencing, on the other hand ... well, that's probably going to stick for a while.

Thanks to readers Johan and Roger for the tips!

[Source: Bilfeber]

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