Saturn Vue to be unveiled in L.A.

In his latest blog post, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz talks about Saturn. And more specifically, the new Saturn Vue. Bob tells us that the new CUV will launch at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. The PreVue concept that was shown in New York in April was a good preview (pun definitely intended), but even better was seeing the Opel Antara at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Just like the Saturn Aura, itself a mildly reworked corporate cousin from Opel, there are high hopes for the new Vue. The Aura sedan has apparently been getting terrific reviews besides our own. And knowing that, Saturn is relying on another solid starting point in the Antara, although Lutz assures us the Vue "will remain Saturn, through and through." Well, if the new definition of a Saturn is a wonderful badge-engineered vehicle that smartly meets the needs of buyers and enthusiasts, then yes. Follow the jump for a pic of the PreVue and more of the story.

[Source: GM FastLane Blog]

GM's new worldwide platform sharing seems to be paying off, and Lutz tells us that the energy behind GM's products keeps growing at each auto show launch. After L.A. he promises even more at Detroit in January, and into 2007 on the show circuit. Saturn, specifically, will be doubling its product lineup next year, possibly getting into untapped segments.

It's also reassuring to hear that the collaboration between Saturn and Opel will continue and that it will mean a more European focus on sharp looks and sharper handling. Still one of our biggest gripes when getting behind the wheel of most domestics is the lack of feel through the controls. Europeans (and increasingly Japanese) automakers seem to just have some innate ability to give us the responsiveness we like. And still focusing on the feeling from behind the wheel, another big complaint has been interior quality. Bob promises that "highly refined interiors" are "an intense focus of all of GM Global Design at present partnership." Thank goodness.

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