New York Auto Show: Deja Vue? Saturn's crossover concept hits us baby, one more time

Despite its fortuitous name, the Saturn PreVue unveiled yesterday had us humming a certain bubblegum pop tune by blonde we'd just as soon forget.  And no wonder... we've literally seen this exact same concept before, albeit rocking Opel badges. As far as we can tell, even the official press photos are identical, with the PreVue but a Photoshop airbrush away from being the Opel Antara GTC concept vehicle Autoblog saw in Frankfurt last year.

International doppelganger intrigue aside, the PreVue is a very attractive concept, with a particularly strong stance, aggressive nose, and nicely wrought details like the rearview mirror stanchion and beautifully integrated "Sorry folks, this is a showcar" side-exit exhausts. Another likely concept-only detail is the lack of b-pillar, which affords the PreVue a particularly airy and racy-looking greenhouse, but a production version would be tough to engineer in light of side-impact standards.

Will the concept live up to its name, and presage the next Vue? If the naming logic holds as expected, the reality will unfortunately be altogether more ordinary in execution.

(On-hand photos and a couple of press images after the jump)


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