It may not be as repulsive impressive-looking as it was in its stretched gullwing form that we saw at SEMA, but as this YouTube video will show, there is something kind of special about the F650 built by DeBerti Designs. Shown in pre-SEMA-transformation trim, Deberti's monster is (after a few failed attempts and much axle hop) more than willing to put on a formidable display of tire-smoking, asphalt-melting action. Some of you might feel a little queasy during the beginning of this video clip, as you watch the six-doored, six-wheeled resource hog work to get into the slip of things. But when the tires finally do start to spin -- a slow, deliberate process at that -- it's hard not to crack a smile. Sure, it's not for everybody, but we know there are plenty of you out there who will definitely appreciate this madness.


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