SEMA: DeBerti does an F-650 that's just not right

This Ford F-650 by DeBerti Designs is politically incorrect, environmentally incorrect and wrong in so many other unsettling ways, and yet it still attracts crowds like a naked Angelina Jolie doing jumping jacks in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. Based on the Ford F-650 that features six-wheel drive, the Deberti version has been stretched to seat six and adds six video screens to make it an even 6x6x6 (sign of the devil's truck!). The rear doors that allow access to the back two rows of seats are gullwings that we have been assured will provide no lift if opened at speed, while the front doors flip up Lambo style.

This mighty, mighty monster truck rides on an Air Ride Technologies air suspension to smooth out the F-650's on-road flow, though we highly doubt you'd feel anything under your tires smaller than an Aveo. A 330-hp Caterpillar engine and Allison automatic do what they can to move the DeBerti Designs F-650, and we wish them all the luck in the world.

Check out a full gallery of pics after the jump along with a full list of the Ford F-650 by DeBerti Designs' modifications.

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