VegOil? WVO? VVO? SVO? What do you call the stuff you put in your grease car?

The National VegOil Board, as you might remember from yesterday, has got a new status for their group (official non-profit) and is setting out to broaden understanding and discussion of using vegetable oil for transportation. The trouble is that the oil has different names depending on the source of the yelloq liquid and the person speaking. Those in the know call it waste vegetable oil (WVO), straight vegetable oil (SVO) or virgin vegetable oil (VVO). Those who don't know sometimes confuse these oils with biodiesel. It's clear new terminology needs to be arranged.
Here at AutoblogGreen, we usually use WVO or SVO, depending. The VegOil board, as you may have guessed, has decided on VegOil as a simple term for all three. Cynthia Shelton, NVOB founder, writes, "We have chosen VegOil (capital V & O) because it is easy to pronounce, descriptive, and distinct from edible oils and BioDiesel." Makes sense, but I still don't like the capital D they use in BioDiesel. AutoblogGreen readers, what do you think is the best word for plant-based oil used as transportation fuel? Do you like VegOil? What do you call it around the co-op?

[Source: National VegOil Board]

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