National VegOil Board (NVOB) now a non-profit in CA

As of November 3rd, the National VegOil Board (NVOB) is a non-profit operating in California. Ethanol and biodiesel have their national boards and coalitions, so why not vegetable oil (for transportation)? The group's mission is to, "provide education about and support for VegOil as a fuel; to facilitate VegOil discussions and events; to promote VegOil research, analysis and funding." NVOB founder Cynthia Shelton sent out an email recently explaining why there should be another SVO group.
"Obviously interest in alternative fuels has exploded in the past few years," she wrote. "The quantity of information available is overwhelming, confusing, and changing every day. The workload is growing as the field expands and we can avoid duplicating efforts if we cooperate. The NVOB is a chance to organize our facts and speak as a unified group. Education, Promotion, and Research are the keywords but it's more than that."

The group's website is still in the development stages, but it is full of information already. Tips on how to convert your car to WVO, understanding different types of WVO, a speaker's bureau, and more are in the works. I'm sure there'll be more to come.

[Source: NVOB / Cynthia Shelton]

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