Need help with your Mercedes biodiesel? Call Colorado for free advice

The other day, in response to my regular update on Autoblog about what AutoblogGreen has been up to, a reader wrote and asked if there were any websites out there that discuss "tuning" or "tweaking" older (80's) Mercedes diesel cars to get better mileage? I thought this might be a good thing for AutoblogGreen readers to know about, so I set out to find some. Of course, since this is a green car site, and we've just had a nice feature on how to getting better mileage overall, I limited my focus to tuning Mercedes diesel cars that run on biodiesel.

It took a while, but I found a good source of help. The best resource I found isn't really a website at all, but people who will answer a phone call. The Colorado Biodiesel group offers free (using Skype) telephone support for biodiesel users, mechanics & Mercedes diesel owners anywhere in the world. The Colorado Biodiesel group seems to have a lot of experience with Mercedes biodiesel, as they offer specialty diesel maintenance, repair and restoration on Mercedes diesel vehicles. Anyone have any experience with them?

Also, if you've got any other tips for Mercedes biodieselers, let us know in the comments.

[Source: Colorado Biodiesel]

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