RR of the Day: 2000 Honda Prelude

When Honda introduced the Prelude in 1978, it was a strong indicator that the Japanese automaker wanted to move beyond its mundane, econo-box image. Over the next 23 years, the Prelude would go through five iterations and serve as a rolling test bed for Honda's R&D. The third generation Prelude received VTEC technology right after it was introduced in the NSX and it still has the distinction of being the only vehicle offered with an entirely mechanical four-wheel steering system. In 1987, Road & Track wrapped up testing the 1988 2.0Si 4WS version and realized that it's slalom figures eclipsed every vehicle they tested that year, including the Corvette, the new 911, and a couple Italian marques by the name of Lamborghini and Ferrari. It was a coup, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

Like all of Honda's products over the years, the Prelude got fat and with the popularity of the Acura Integra, Honda decided to axe the Prelude in 2001. However, a dedicated group on enthusiasts still hold the Honda in high standing and when it comes to the portly fifth-generation model, the best way to shed the pounds is to add some boost.

That's the tactic Flickr member smlude took when preparing his 2000 Prelude for cone-duty and judging by the list of mods after the jump, no freakin' expense was spared.

A few highlights from the mod list include a Jackson Racing supercharger, a Mugen header, coupled to Mugen cat-back exhaust, AEM cold air intake, cam gears and power pulleys, a lightweight flywheel and a JDM SIR-S Spec LSD-equipped tranny. That's maybe ten-percent of what's under the hood. On the suspension side of the equation, a Mugen Type S coilover kit drops the 'Lude about one-inch for street duty and is swapped out for a Ground Control setup when the owner hits the track. Brembo rotors and PBR ceramic pads handle the stoppage duties, and a Spoon rear strut bar firms things out in back.

The list goes on and on and on, and we didn't even get to the exterior and interior additions. Although one thing we particularly liked was the fact that the OEM stereo remains. Way to keep it real smlude.

The exhaustive list of modifications is posted after the jump, along with a few more pics of the Prelude getting its weekly parking lot workout.

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•Mugen Aluminum emblem (large)
•OEM front under spoiler (front lip)
•OEM Type SH side skirts
•Body colored rear under spoiler
•JDM fog light kit
•Koito H3C Whitebeams
•Sylvania H1 Silverstars
•Clear front corner lamps with amber bulbs
•Clear front turn signals with amber bulbs
•Virginia legal window tint
•18"x7.5" Tenzo R Poke 10's (gunmetal), street
•15"x8" Keizer 5 lug Customs (polished, 10lbs), racing
•215/40/R18 Yokahama Parada Spec 2's, street
•225/50/R15 Kumho Ecsta V710s, racing
•ARP Extended Lugs
•Gorilla Open Ended lugs (front), Gorilla Tuner Lugs (back, black)
•JDM Prelude Type S emblem (front)

•Mugen Sport pedal set
•Mugen aluminum emblem (small - painted black)
•Mugen shift knob (black)
•OEM carbon fiber dash kit
•OEM trunk mat
•JDM Type S carbon fiber gauge bezel
•JDM cup holder
•DC Sports Short Shifter Adapter
•NTPOG designed camera mount
•Custom stitched OEM shift boot

•Jackson Racing Supercharger
•Mugen cat-back exhaust system
•Mugen header, Jet-Hot coated
•Mugen brake reservoir cover
•Mugen power steering reservoir cover
•Mugen oil filler cap
•Mugen Thermostat
•Mugen Fan Switch
•MSD Boost/Timing Master
•AEM Cold Air Induction System (polished)
•AEM by-pass valve
•AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Gears, tuned
•AEM Tru-Time Power Pulleys
•JDM SIR-S Spec Valve Cover w/ moon cut
•JDM SIR-S Spec LSD transmission
•Clutch Specialties custom clutch
•Spec lightweight flywheel (8 lbs)
•NGK Plug Wires (Blues)
•NGK Iridium Plugs
•Apexi VAFC-II Controller
•Marcucci Motorsports custom VAFC-II OBDII wiring harness
•ODDII workaround
•DC Sports polished wire cover
•DC Sports polished battery tie down
•Various dress up items (incl. Blue hoses, vinyl under hood, & white brackets)

•Mugen Type S Suspension Kit (1" drop), street
•Ground Control Coilovers w/ custom spring rates, racing
•Koni Sport Adjustables (Yellows), racing
•Spoon rear strut bar
•Brembo Rotors
•PBR ceramic pads

•OEM in-dash six disk changer

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