Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude gives the enthusiast driver some sweet toys.Its twin-cam VTEC engine sounds great and builds revs with abandon more suited to a motorcycle than a car, while world-class handling rewards spirited driving down a twisty road.But the Prelude last saw a redesign in 1997, and its age…


2001 Honda Prelude - 2dr Coupe (Base)
2dr Coupe (Base)
2.2L I-4
22 City / 27 HWY
2001 Honda Prelude - 2dr Coupe (Type SH)
2dr Coupe (Type SH)
2.2L I-4
22 City / 27 HWY
Junkyard Gem: 1982 Honda Prelude

A rare first-generation Prelude shows up in a Northern California car graveyard.

The 1979-1982 Prelude was a good-looking little coupe based on the Accord. Most were used up and discarded decades ago, but this rare example showed up in a San Francisco Bay Area wrecking yard last month.
Junkyard Gem: 1991 Honda Prelude Si 4WS

With four-wheel steering and 140 horsepower, this car was one of the best of its era.

The last year of the third-generation Prelude, this '91 was one of the best deals on a sporty coupe you could get at the time.
2016 Civic Coupe: The Prelude is back!

At least this is as close to a new Prelude as we're likely to get.

For Sale

1997 Honda Prelude
$14,999 / 106,000 miles / CA
1993 Honda Prelude
$3,996 / 220,025 miles / CA
1998 Honda Prelude
/ 193,855 miles / CA
Sporty cars from the '80s get retro reviews from MotorWeek

Take a look back in time as MotorWeek runs a full test on the 1984 Honda Prelude. If that's not enough, we've included 10 more retro-review videos showing off coupes from all over the globe.

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