For whom the bell tolls? The bell tolls for SUV and sports car owners in London

The city of London, England must just not like us enthusiasts. In an effort to reduce congestion and emissions in the city, the government will impose a tax to enter the city. The cost will be based on the level of emissions a vehicle emits, in bands of A through G.

The dollar amounts seem preposterous to most drivers, but UK Mayor Ken Livingstone feels that the drivers of sports and luxury cars can afford it, and will have no choice beginning in 2009 if they want to drive their beloved cars in the city of London.

The driver of a Porsche 911 or even most SUV's would have to pay a tax of £25 (US $47) every time he or she enters the city. So if you work in the city or have to take your kids to school 5 days per week, that works out to a staggering £6500 (US $12,220) per year! For that you could lease another 911 or even buy a vacation home in the country.

Let's hope that someone comes to his or her senses before 2009, or you may never see a sports car in London again.

Thanks to Richard for the tip!


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